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03 August 2013 @ 09:25 pm

So there's that. I don't know what happened but I seemed to have been kicked out of a community from which I was free leeching (is that even a term to describe it?) subs from. In any event, I really don't have any hard feelings, just that bit of disappointment because there are things that are generally inevitable. I'm not saying it's anybody's fault, but let me be a little frank tonight since I'm really tired and I just got back from training.

I received my zekken tonight so that is a bit of an accomplishment, I guess and we'll be having an 8-dan sensei coming in two weeks later so I'll just concentrate on that. As the board head said tonight, "Just focus on kendo" and you know how zen things are in kendo.  I don't have much energy left to be angry at the lack of explanation as to why, so maybe I'll just continue hitting and hitting and doing my footwork because at 14 months, I really don't have that great of a grasp of my suburis. My senseis have all but continued to reiterate the need to use shoulders instead of arms and whatever else. Also, my grasp of Japanese is bad as ever because all the terms I learn are not exactly the most useful in everyday conversations. Hee.

All in all, I love kendo so I won't be angry. You know how anger depletes energies and even in keiko (practice), this is important. That's what I wanna say.

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14 June 2013 @ 08:04 am

It's been a while since I've been back here in Livejournal and I hope everyone is doing okay.
I whiled away my time on Tumblr, and I guess I'd be here every now and then to fill in the gaps, but generally I will be on Tumblr most of the time.


But I will try and be back --- after all, nothing can beat LiveJournal in terms of fandom contents. Hahaha. It's been a long, long, long while so I am not expecting anything but somehow, after cleaning up my inbox, I felt refreshed! It's good to be back, even for a short while!
I've been charmed entirely by Matsuzaka Tori, so excuse me while I spazz a bit.
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